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[Invoice] Terminated an invoice of Fu lum I-2108103

A note that the following services are terminated. The termination date is 9 NOV 2021. Invoice number: I-2108103Period: Yearly

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Kiyohara SIOI and webaccount

The service will be terminated on 17 July, 2021The site was stopped running at 11:59pm 16 July, 2021. 

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Packing List

How to calculate N.W. , G.W., Meas Example Before Manual Entry ceiling(Isl_invoice_detail.Qty/Isl_stock.pkg_qty) As pkg_Qty = 80 / 25 = 4 (Pkg) round(ceiling(Isl_stock.pkg_qty) * pkg_Qty, 4) As Net_Weight = 25 * 4 = 100 (N.W.) round((0.15 * pkg_Qty)+Net_Weight, 4) As Gross_Weight … Continue reading

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iOrder (old) – added termination date to invoice export

Termination date is in customer master. 

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iOrder (old version) setup login username ‘master’ ‘guest’ ‘bobby’ ‘kenta’ ‘PENNY’ ‘mieko’ ‘YOYO’ ‘ruby’ ‘master’ , please refer to master password Kriz sent on May 2016 Ruby’s password is same as data entry section.

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zacros log

2017-04-06 Zacros request to rollback to old version (grid). We told them we will not apply any fix to system if they found any problem. They must upgrade (search screen) first.

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PO bal is negative

Reason: Received qty > Ordered qty Case study: Tsuchiya found PO Bal Qty is negative when they create GRN. (Add new -> selected PO in detail -> IL) Here the example is SP0802754       SP0802754 has ordered once … Continue reading

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Pla matels log – year end

Log of year end^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^2015-01-26 Pla matels reported beginning balance of 2015 not matched ending balance of 2014. Then we found out it is caused by Pla matels inputted and posted new transactions of Dec 2014 ( 2015-03-12 Pla matels reported … Continue reading

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www3 response slow

In these 2 days, www3 reports systems response slow, please replace by   For e.g. OLD=> NEW=>

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inet webaccount log   Date Description Reference 09-01-2017 Penny requests to replace the account ledger export by old version (report format) Ticket

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